Saturday, November 06, 2010

Yeah!! The table is finished!

And it's about time isn't it!

Next step after gluing all the pieces down is to get the grout in all the groves and around the edge.

Looks like a muddy mess but it will be pretty -- not to worry!

After the grout sets up for a bit, you start taking off the extra with a wet sponge. It takes a few times to get it all off. Tomorrow I'll seal it and it's good to go.

Now off to other projects.......have about 40 charms that need making!


Dana said...

Love the table. It turned out really good.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create this month.

Cris Peacock said...

Thanks Dana--not only done but delivered back to our vacation condo!

Now trying to decide what to do for my charms!!

Peggy said...

I'm trying to figure out what to do for charms, too! And I have 80!!!!!!