Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome to the Party!!

Bead Soup Blog Hop Party that is!  Well, I'm fashionably late for the party :)  It started at midnight East Coast time and here I am, almost 2 am your time...8 pm here in Hawaii. Are any of you really up and hopping now? I bet there are some of you!  After you've looked through my photos, check my last post for the list of participants for this 'First Reveal' and see what amazing things party goers have created.  I am always so impressed with the talented people that join in.

And a BIG Thank You to Lori Anderson for once again putting together another wonderful party for us all--what an undertaking!!

Here's what I've been stirring up with my luscious soup fixings...

I just love the little lampwork glass Earth Mother focal bead Niky sent.  Isn't she perfect?  And those little white polka dot black beads are just the cutest ever. I used most everything Niky sent.  Just a few treasures left for some special additions to other pieces.  Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings -- A perfect set for me!

Here are some close ups....

And my bracelet...

I'm very happy with the Necklace and Earrings.... but not so sure about the Bracelet.  I felted rushed to finish and post photos tonight so it may change a bit. I'll let you know :)

So....Get yourself a little something to drink and maybe a little snack, sit back and go visiting!  Thanks for stopping by!

WooHoo! Almost Soup Time!

Had to take a break from creating since I realized I haven't even posted my delicious Bead Soup from Niky Sayers of Silver Nik Naks yet.  It finally arrived this week and was well worth the wait!!!  It's difficult finding just what you want to send for someone's soup, especially if you've never met them or aren't  familiar with their style and tastes.  But that is what Bead Soup is all about--getting out of your rut, err, I'm mean comfort zone, and trying something new.

Niky picked a lovely, perfect soup mix for me!  See had looked at my past blog posts for ideas and saw the one about Zentangles. I normally use lots of color in my artwork with the execption of Zentangles (little black and white drawings--kind of like doodles but with more focus).  Zentangles are kind of like a little a break for me from my normal creating and want to turn my brain off.  How fun to carry that over to jewelry!!  Here are my goodies....

First, look at how cool this box is!  Niky drew a clever little Zentangle on top! You just know there are treasures inside :)

And there are!! Niky even drew little tangles on the black and white envies that hold the soup...

and a close up of the loveliness.....

Just look at all the goodies to play with--yum!

Here's the focal bead...  (the clasp is on the upper left in the photo above--the cute little copper flower)

It's hard to see in the photo but it is a lampwork glass torso!  So cute :)  It reminds me of the Venus of Willendorf; a little 25000 (give or take) yr old Mother Earth  Goddess sculpture that you probably would never have even heard of unless you've taken numerous Art History courses haha.  What a great focal!!

I'm having lots of fun with my treasures Niky.....MAHALO NUI LOA!!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what I've made.  Midnight tonight Eastern Time is the First Big Reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party....let's see, that is 6 pm here in HI--I'd better get busy and finish up!  Below is the list of the first group that will be posting for July 28th.  And if you have no idea of what this Bead Soup Blog Hop that I'm talking about is....Check out LORI ANDERSON'S Bead Soup Blog Hop site  HERE!

Don't miss the party!

Here are the party dates and attendees:

 Hostess, Lori Anderson,

Alice Craddick,  Alice's Beads and Baubles
Alicia Marinache,  All The Pretty Things
Amanda Tibbetts,  Amanda Made
Amber Dawn Goldish, Inventive Soul
Annita Wilson,  AW Jewelry
Beti Horvath, Stringing Fool
Birgitta Lejonklou,  Create With Spirit   
Candida Castleberry,    Spinning Spun Sugar
Carolyn Lawson, Carolyn's Creations

Cassie Donlen, Glass Beadle
Cheryl McCloud,  One Thing Leads to Another
Cheryl Roe, BeadRoe
Christina Hickman, Vintage Treasures Jewelry
Christine Hendrickson,  Clamworks
Cilla Watkins, Tell Your Girlfriends
Cindy Wilson, Mommy's Dream
Cindy Wimmer, Sweet Bead Studio
Cory Celaya, Art With Moxie

Cory Tompkins, Tealwater Designs
Cris Peacock, Cris' Page
Cynthia Deis, Shiny Little Things
Cynthia Machata, Antiquity Travelers
Cynthia Wainscott, Exotic Peru
Dana Hickey, Magpie Approved
Denielle Hagerman, Some Beads and Other Things

Diane Valasek, Dragonfly Close
Doris Stumpf, Glaszwerg
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell, Dee-Liteful Jewelry Creations
Elaine Robitaille, Too Aquarius
Eleanor Burian-Mohr, The Charmed Life
Enik√∂ Fabian, Perl-eni
Erin Prais-Hintz, Treasures Found
Heather Davis, Blissful Garden Beads
Heidi Post, Ex Post Facto Jewelry

Hilary Frye, FryeStyle
Inge von Roos, Inge's Blog
Jami Shipp, Celebrating Life
Jayne Capps, Mama's Got to Doodle
Jennifer Cameron, Glass Addictions
Jennifer Pottner, Rock Candy Beads
Jennifer VanBenschoten,  Jewelry, Art and Life

Jenny Davies-Reazor, Jenny Davies-Reazor
Jenny Vidberg, Shyme Design
Jessica Dickens, My Jewelry, My Life, Me
Jessica Klaaren, Beadful-Things by Jessica
JJ Jacobs, Coming Abstractions
Joan Williams, Lilruby Jewelry
Judith Johnston, Judith Johnston
Judy Riggs, Rigglettes
Judy Turner, Silver Rains

Julie Anne Leggett, The Peaceful Bead
K Hutchinson, Jumbled Hutch
Karen Meador, Dreamcatcher Ranch
Karyn Bonfiglio, Plus Size Bangles
Katherine Gale, Terra Beadworks
Kathleen Lange Klik, Modern Nature Studio
Katja Benevol Gabrijelcic, Slovonske Technobe
Kelli Jacobson, Creative Moon
Kelly Ramstack, Adventures with Kelly
Keri Lee Sereika, Pink Lemonade

Kim Bender-Hora, KimmyKat
Kirsi Luostarinen, Kirsi Luo Korut
Kitty Bozzini, Kitty Lampwork
Laura Demoya, The Bead Therapist
Laurie Hanna, Laurie's Jewelbox
Leah Curtis, Beady Eyed Bunny
Lesley Watt, The Gossiping Goddess
Linda Inhelder, Must-Haves Jewelry

Lisa Liddy, Metal Me This
Mallory Hoffman, For the Love of Beads
Marge Beebe, Rock Creek Creations
Marianna Boylan, Pretty Shiny Things
Marion Simmons, Shade Tree Studio
Marla Gibson, Spice Box Design
Marta Weaver, Marta Weaver Jewelry

Marti Conrad, Marti C's Clay Blog
Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens, GlassBeadArt, Lampwork Beads
Melanie Brooks, Earthenwood Studio
Michelle Hardy, Firefly Visions
Mikala Coates, Maybe Just Perhaps
Mowse Doyle, HoCArt
Nancy Boylan, Snazzy Doodle Designs
Nancy Peterson, Beading From the Heart
Nicole Rennell, Nicole Rennell Designs

Niki Meiners, 365 Days of Craft
Niky Sayers, Silver Nik Nats
Norma Turvey, Moonlit Fantaseas
Paige Maxim, Paige Maxim Designs
Pamela Gangler, She Always Loved Pink
Patricia Johnson, Patricia L. Johnson Glass Art
Perri Jackson, Shaktipaj Designs
Raida Disbrow, Havana Beads
Renetha Stanziano, Lamplight Crafts
Shannon Hicks, Falling Into the Sky

Shannon LeVart, Miss Fickle Media
Sharon Driscoll, Right Turn Art Werks
Shelley Graham Turner, Fabric of My Life
Sherri Stokey, Knot Just Macrame
Shirley Moore, Beads and Bread
Skylar Bre'z, Brising Beads
Stacie Florer, Soul to Substance
Stacie Stamper, Park Avenue
Stacy Alderson, Iridal's Attic

Stephanie Haussler, Pixybug Designs
Stephanie Stamper, Rainy Day Designs
Suzette Bentley, Ellie's Bijoux
Tammy Jones, Jewelry Making Daily
Tanty Sri Hartanti, TJewellicious by Tanti
Terry Matuszyk, Pink Chapeau

Vonna Maslanka, Just Vonna

Hope you get to play in your studio today too!  Go make something!  Cris

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Still waiting....

No special package from England yesterday .... but I'm just sure it will arrive today!  Since I can't show you my lovely beads from Niky, I thought I would give you a little eye candy from a 'Cup of Soup' exchange with bead buddies Dana James and Leslie Wayment.  This was a little swap for an in between Bead Soup Party.  They sent such lovely beads and stones.  Here are a few of the goodies I made...

The beautiful lampwork sea star is from Dana that a friend of hers made.  I just happened to have the light green beads in my stash that I had been saving for something special.  They are exactly the same color as the spots on the sea star!

On the necklace below I used the wonderful sand dollar carved from a nut that Leslie sent.  In both the necklace and bracelet I used Leslie's, Dana's and some of my own beads for accents.  I'll let you know what the postman brings today!!

Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Bead Soup Time Again!

Aloha!  I'm taking a break from watching for the postman to send you a note about Bead Soup.  My package should be arriving TODAY!!  My partner for this round is Niky Sayers from Esher in the UK.  You can visit her blog, Silver Nik Nats, to see her lovely creations.  Niky received the soup I sent her last Friday so I can share a photo of what I sent for her to play with....

From looking at her blog and etsy circles I thought she would enjoy playing with this jade butterfly and some lampwork beads.  I went though my stash and found some accent beads and chose copper findings just because I love the look of copper and green together.  Since Niky lives across two ponds, thought she might like some little treasures from Maui so I included some shells I find on walks on the beach that I like to use in my jewelry.  Just had to send along the three little lampwork cupcakes when I saw the amazing cake she made for her daughter's birthday on her blog!  (be sure to get a peek of it when you visit her blog)

Well....guess I'll head back out to the curb to wait for the postman :)  Have a great day!