Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Great Whale Day!


Whale Day Today!

Happy Whale Day Everyone!  Every year on the 3rd Saturday of February the Pacific Whale Foundation has a Whale Day celebration at Kalama Park just a couple of blocks from our condo.  It starts with a parade at 9 am that runs up S. Kihei Road and ends at the park where there will be whaley things to do, like the Whale Regatta race - little rubber whales (like rubber duckies) racing down a track and the winner gets Hawaiian Airline tickets to Maui - Woohoo!  Great music all day, crafts food, Made on Maui Artisians.  Fun Day!

But my favorite is our hokey parade!  Anyone can be in the parade - just sign up!  So you get preschool classes with little kids that make cool sea life hats or the skin diver's bus covered with blow up sea life floaty toys.  And then there's the float with the the Rose Parade's Queen and Princesses.  And I'm sure Cooleio and Chilly will be in the parade this year as always--the sunglass wearing dogs that ride around in the back of their Dad's truck.  Oh yeah, and the Maui Humane Society brings their dogs to be in the parade too and there is an adoption truck at the park so you could even make a new friend today!  And of course our new major, Alan Arakawa, will be the Grand Marshall.  If you're on Maui today - don't miss it!!!

Here's a pic of my neighbors and I waiting for the parade last year....

That's me in the middle and Maile (with the pony tail) and Coco (white with ginger spots) on the right.  Nikita (fuzzy, black fur) and her Dad, Norman on the left.  Coco has a new sister this year, Bambi--it will be her first Whale Day Parade--how exciting!

Meet me at the corner at 9 am!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My jewelry for today.... courtesy of my 'Art Charms' swap buddies.....

Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) everyone!!!!  I think there are 50 to 60 charms there, can you believe it?  And each and everyone is wonderful!! Peggy and Chris cut off the Valentine's swap at 30 but so many more artists still wanted to participate they opened a Valentine 2 swap.  Several of us couldn't stand the thought of missing out on any charms so we joined both!  So glad I did!

Here are my charms....

The first is a little collage in a metal bezel with bee on a flower and a little 'mine' text added.  I added a two part resin to fill the bezel for a glass affect.  Love the Envirotex Resin--looks very cool and it isn't too stinky to work with like regular resins.  I was really hesitant to use the stuff--think I had it setting on a shelf for a year or so before I finally got the nerve to try it.  So easy.... what was I afraid of?? :)  Had my hubby take pics when I was making these so I can put together a little tutorial to show you how easy it is in case you are nervous about it like I was.  (I did drill a hole in these and add a jump ring but for some reason can't find the pic of the finished piece--sorry about that)

My second heart charm is made with copper wire.  I twisted a little stylized heart then pounded it with a rounded hammer to flatten the wire and add a texture.  Then I used Liver of Sulphur to patina the copper since this swap was to have 'gun metal' colored wire.  Added some glass beads for a little glitz.  Funny--two other people, Emily and Nancy both used wire and glass beads to make stylized heart charms too!  I think the 3 compliment each other nicely on the bracelet!

Thanks again for the fun jewelry everyone!  And special thanks to our fearless leaders, Peggy and Chris!  BTW, Chris and Peggy have a great book out, Mixed Media Art Charms, with lots of wonderful instructions to get you started in this fun little art endeavor!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Whales at Ma'alaea....

Well, 2011 is starting to pick up.....  Didn't start off so well with a bad cold as soon as the kids left after the holidays that turned into pneumonia.  It's been hard to shake but I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel--oops--not that light!  Haven't been out much but have managed to spend a few mornings parked at the sand to watch the whales.  Just can't tell you how cool they are!  Something you have to experience for yourself.  So cool you can watch them right from the beach.

Ma'alaea Beach at dawn....

Mom (on the left) and baby spy hopping

Baby practicing it's tail slaps...that's Mom's pec fin on the left

Hey look--kayakers--let's say 'Hi'!

'Look what I can do!'

Some cute little green sea turtles came by to say hello too.