Saturday, April 28, 2012


Aloha and Happy International Charm Day!  We just got back from a trip for our grandson's first birthday.  Great time had by all.  Got home and realized I almost missed Charm Day! So here is a quick post with a couple of charm goodies.

In my arm charm group (started by the fabulous Chris and Peg mentioned in earlier posts along with their wonderful Art Charm book) we had a recent swap with Zentangle Charms.  Not sure what a Zentangle is? Little black and white drawings filled with cool designs--go HERE to see Rick and Maria's site.  I wanted to do something different with my great charms.  I have a little Zentangle book I've been playing in for awhile.  I made the book in a class with Traci Bautista years ago but never really worked on the binding.  

Zentangle charms + unfinished Zentangle Book = way cool finished book :)

These are my charms........

Here are a couple of the inside pages......

Another recent swap was our Winter Quick Swap.  Martha, our host, has been hosting a little quick swap each season during this past year.  I will be putting them together for a 'Season Mobile' when the year of swapping is finished. Here are some samples I've been playing around with. Since the swap was in groups of 5 charms, I added a few from other swaps that fit in with the seasons.  I think the finished mobile will be way cool.

Well, guess that's about it from me for now.  Be sure to check out Amber Dawn's Blog for more on INTERNATIONAL CHARM DAY  -- our blog hop hostess.  She has links to lots of happenings for the special day--charm give aways and sales from different Art Charmers. Don't pass up the chance to browse Amber's blog to see some of the AMAZING charms she creates while you're there.  Enjoy!!