Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Charms!

If you were following my old blog, you saw many, many posts of charms....still love the little mini pieces of art! Joined yet another charm group and sent in my charms this week for the first swap. Charm swappers just all seem to be such nice people! Peggy Krzyzewski and Christine Hansen are hosting this fun 'Art Charms' yahoo group. (BTW: they have a wonderful book fresh off the press... "Making Mixed Media Art Charms and Jewelry".... check it out)

Can't wait to see all of the charms that are swapped. There are 31 people in the 'Dangly' swap so there will be quite a variety.

And then there's Halloween coming up soon.....

Amber Dawn was so sweet and hosted a little mini, fast turn around Halloween swap for our 'International Charms' group. She isn't even joining the swap but is doing all the hosting for us. Thanks Amber!