Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Whales are back!

Well, yep, the hardest part of November's 'Create Every Day' was posting what I made! Seems that I pretty much do create every day so that wasn't so hard. As you can see by my number of posts...I'm a terrible blogger! I think I read on Peggy K's blog one time "it's much more fun making things than writing about making things" or something like true for me too! Mostly for November I made jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry---earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pins! I keep putting my beads and metals away to make room for other projects, then I'll see something that gives me an idea of something new to try and I get it all back out again. But that means I have lots of new things to post to my Etsy shop--Yay! Hopefully I'll get to that later today--tomorrow at the latest. Stand by--I'll let you know when they're up.

But back to the topic....

Winter is my favorite time of year here on Maui. Yes, you can't beat having 80 degree weather, mostly clear sunny days all year round which makes for happy, friendly neighbors and visitors, but this time of year we get special visitors--Humpbacks! Every year they travel from Alaska to visit our little island to enjoy our waters, have their babies, and make more babies for next year. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be driving down the road and see these magnificent animals the size of a school bus leaping out of the water!! And of course when you run into them unexpectedly....

This is a pic our our daughter, Keely on her trip out year before last. She heads to Maui every winter from Connecticut on her teacher's break. LOVE this pic! We were paddle surfing at Cove Park, across the street from our condo and ran into a Mom and her new calf. I'm sure the escort was around but we didn't see him. You always stay 300 ft away from the whales but if they come up to you, you should sit and wait for them to leave. That's called being 'mugged' by the whales. This Mom seemed to be showing 'people' to her baby.

This part of the mom's back above the water is only about a third of her--they're pretty big! I'll try get some breech pics this week and post them. Our friends at our vacation rental saw three day before last right out in front of Makani a Kai. Way cool! The water in Ma'alaea Bay is shallow and the Mom's have their babies there and hang out for a couple of weeks until the babies are a bit bigger. Love Ma'alaea!

Found a great little book called "What's New Cupcake" at Lowe's of all places. Hubby was returning some things and I was carousing the book shelf. What a fun book! Used some of their tips to get ideas for a desert I needed to take to a friend's for a dinner party. Aren't they perfect for a Maui winter dinner? :)

Enjoy your Sunday!