Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whale Day Today!

Happy Whale Day Everyone!  Every year on the 3rd Saturday of February the Pacific Whale Foundation has a Whale Day celebration at Kalama Park just a couple of blocks from our condo.  It starts with a parade at 9 am that runs up S. Kihei Road and ends at the park where there will be whaley things to do, like the Whale Regatta race - little rubber whales (like rubber duckies) racing down a track and the winner gets Hawaiian Airline tickets to Maui - Woohoo!  Great music all day, crafts food, Made on Maui Artisians.  Fun Day!

But my favorite is our hokey parade!  Anyone can be in the parade - just sign up!  So you get preschool classes with little kids that make cool sea life hats or the skin diver's bus covered with blow up sea life floaty toys.  And then there's the float with the the Rose Parade's Queen and Princesses.  And I'm sure Cooleio and Chilly will be in the parade this year as always--the sunglass wearing dogs that ride around in the back of their Dad's truck.  Oh yeah, and the Maui Humane Society brings their dogs to be in the parade too and there is an adoption truck at the park so you could even make a new friend today!  And of course our new major, Alan Arakawa, will be the Grand Marshall.  If you're on Maui today - don't miss it!!!

Here's a pic of my neighbors and I waiting for the parade last year....

That's me in the middle and Maile (with the pony tail) and Coco (white with ginger spots) on the right.  Nikita (fuzzy, black fur) and her Dad, Norman on the left.  Coco has a new sister this year, Bambi--it will be her first Whale Day Parade--how exciting!

Meet me at the corner at 9 am!

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Hooray for the Whales!