Monday, November 01, 2010

Create Every Day!


Peggy our fearless leader at the Art Charms group mentioned she wanted to create art everyday during the month of November. Several others of us decided to join her. This is my first offering -- still November 1 here...but well into tomorrow for most of you!

We have friends visiting from the mainland so things are a bit hectic. Went to one of our favorite snorkel spots, Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve this morning and saw quite a variety of sea life. So nice to see this area recovering. Lots and lots of fish and even the coral looked like it's coming back. Always when I'm snorkeling I have great visions of coming home and doing watercolors of the beautiful fish....never seems to happen. Didn't get to it until this evening when we were watching the DVD, "Riding Giants" to give our friends an idea of the waves we expect to see tomorrow at Ho'okipa. Should be 25 to 35 feet--woohoo! Wonder if I can paint a nice little watercolor of that for tomorrow's art :)

Until tomorrow....
(I think my biggest challenge for this month will be posting everyday--I'm such a bad blogger!)


Peggy said...

Beautiful. I sure wish I could paint.

Speaking of snorkeling--it's my favorite outdoor activity of all time. Kind of difficult when you live in Illinois! I think when I die I'm going to get wet & stay wet!

Dana said...

Love your fish. I need to dig out my watercolors and paint a little bit more also.

I'm hoping to blog everyday but for me as long as I create something I can always catch up on my blog posts.

Your blog link has been added to the link so we can blog hop.