Wednesday, November 03, 2010

No pic today....

Aloha Everyone--

Create Every Day....Day 3

Still working on the mosaic tile....just a quick bit of art today. Brian left this afternoon to head back to the mainland but got a quick lesson in how to grout tile on the mosaic table top we started. Only got a small portion grouted so I'll take pics tomorrow of the finished (I hope!) project. I've been wanting to do a mosaic on that table for the longest time. Thanks Brian for getting me started on this and for your input to the design--it was great being your art teacher again! (I was Brian's art teacher during Elementary and Jr. High School at Riviera Hall in Redondo Beach....another life time ago! And now he has a Doctorate in Math--even those left brainers need art!!)

'Til tommorrow--

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Dana said...

What a cool project. I can't wait to see how it turns out.