Monday, March 04, 2013

It's Bead Soup Time!!

Once again the wonderful, creative, inspiring, Lori Anderson is hosting Bead Soup Blog Hop Party #7.    I've participated to two Soup Blog Parties and a mini Cup of Soup Party that Lori has hosted -- so fun!! I can't even imagine how Lori manages all of the amount of time and devotion she puts into these parties running smoothly.  We can't thank her enough for her hard work so we can play :)  Mahalo Nui Loa Lori!!  BTW Lori has a new book out about the Soup Parties -- check it out HERE

Lori pares us up with a partner -- someone we don't know and doesn't work in our style to help us step out of our comfort zone and try new things. (Lori actually visits ALL participants blogs before she pares everyone!) Here is a list of everyone and their websites. I think there were something like 500 people signing up--whoa!

Well, I could go on and on about Lori and how fun the Bead Soup Party is but I want to introduce you to my great partner ..... and here she is ....

One of my favorite things about the Party is getting to meet new people.  My new friend and partner is BECKY PANCAKE  wave wave--hi Becky :)  Of course, first thing I did when I got my partner sign up was to go to Becky's website to check out her creations. HERE is the page of her blog that I first saw. If you know me, you'll see right away why I had a big smile on my face.  Beach Glass!! Yay--one of my favorite things to play with! Orange isn't a color I normally am drawn to but right from the first look, the first thing that popped in my head was 'what yummy colors!!' Isn't that orange and turquoise just the best combination ever?? And the sea glass surrounded by the bead bezel? Gorgeous! I've always wanted to learn to do that and Becky had some great recommendations and a book for me to try--Mahalo! Becky and her lovely creations were picked by the company that makes the glass beads to join them at the Tucson Bead Show--congrats!!!  Just read Becky's blog this morning and guess what???  It's her blog's first birthday and she is giving away one of the lovely pieces in this post.  Check it out.... and leave a note to enter the give away.

Want to see the goodies Becky sent for me to create with???

I started playing with the soup the minute I opened the package.  Love the colors! Had to stop myself and even take something apart so I could take a photo to share with you!  You don't get to see any of the finished pieces until our big revel date on April 6th.  That's our Blog Hop Party day--you can visit everyone's blog to see their soup creations then. The focal bead is a Lampwork Bead by Jeff Barber--simply beautiful! This is kind of embarrassing, but this photo doesn't do justice to my soup at all.  Like I said, I took things apart to take the photo because I was so excited to start playing.  Quick, snapped a pic and back to playing.  Sorry, not nice of me!  Luckily Becky took much better photos and you can see them Here.

Want to see what I sent Becky?

Have fun Becky!  Can't wait to see what kind of soup you make :)


Peggy said...

Oh Cris, as usual you've inspired me! I can see why you started playing right away when you received your soup. I did the same thing mentally, not only with Becky's soup but with yours too. Gorgeous, intriguing combinations!

Becky Pancake said...

Cris, Thanx for you kind works. I'm glad that you like your soup. I am having fun with mine too.