Saturday, October 24, 2009

350 Event at Zinnia in Pasadena

Be sure to stop by Zinnia in Pasadena today if you are in the the Los Angeles area. They have put together a fun art show event for the day. Kyle and I contributed some paintings as well. Won't post photos of ours until after the event since the artists are suppose to remain anonymous until after purchases. (Zinnia is always a stop on my mainland visits--Great shop--Fun people--wonderful classes.)

Events are taking place all over the globe for the 350 event awareness so check out what's happening in your area. Here on Maui there is the Reef Check Hawaii Survey in Kaanapali and the Blue Line Project in Lahaina, Kahului, and Kihei.

And if you are back in our old home town in the South Bay beach area, looks like lots of friends will be having fun at the beaches as well. Hope to see some pics of the Amazing Waving Human Tide Line.

Have a GREAT day!

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Chris said...

Thanks for the links!

I did not make it to Zinnia. I am really sorry about that. My back was ridiculously out, and my legs were not good, either. I'm only at work because I had to be one of the only two here today.

I'm getting better, though.

If you find out what lucky people got your plaques, let me know!