Sunday, September 13, 2009


Our neighbors, Mary and Maile left a bag of these pretty Star Fruits at our door last week. We had tried them long ago on a trip to the islands but I guess the ones we had weren't ripe---VERY bitter. Even the kids (who use to like to suck on lemons) wouldn't eat them. These were sweet and crunchy! Made my lips do the tingly, tongue swelling thing so Phil enjoyed the rest of them. ( can you be allergic to something you've only had one other time, years ago?????)

Found this web picture of it growing. Said they come from India......must grow it somewhere here on island too. The lady selling jewelry next to the fruit said, "well, it's an acquired taste...." Think we might be skipping that one!

Hope you are eating something yummy tonight for dinner!


Chris said...

Holy cow, this thing looks scary!! I didn't eat an artichoke until I was almost 30 ! Can you believe it?
What movie did you see?

Suzanne said...

I'm sure you must encounter many interesting fruits on Maui. I first tried papaya on my first trip to Hawaii, and love it. We now have two papaya trees we've started in our yard. We started with a six-inch seedling, and 5 months later they are 8 feet high with many papayas growing! We can't wait to try them.

-- Suzanne