Saturday, August 01, 2009

Here I go again....

Starting a new blog that is! Tired of paying for a blog that is hard to use when I see friends doing great blogs with freebie Blogger. Thought I'd give it a try before my contract is up next month with 1and1. For this first post, I think I'll show you a couple of goodies I just sent off to my daughter Keely for her husband, Tristan's birthday next week...huh??? Keely gets a present for Tristan's B-Day? Of course! We like to give presents in our if someone is having a birthday, isn't that a good excuse to give everyone presents? Oh well, it makes sense to me! Here are Keely's goodies--won't show you Tris' since his need to be a surprise....

The bottom one is a little pin using a large vintage button from my Grandmother's collection as a base. Added the resin flowers and metal 'smile'. The little frog with the umbrella is a charm that we got on a past trip to Artfest together--I've been saving it for something special. Keely and Tristan live on a little 'hobby farm' called Dancing Frog Farm in Connecticut. The link is on the side to he left if you'd like to check it out. She raises Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Minature Horses, Ducks and Chickens in addition to the menagerie of granddogs and grandcats . She has a variety of Chickens and Ducks that lay, green, blue, brown, and white eggs. Saw these little chickie lampwork beads and knew she just had to have earrings with them!!

Well, that's it for today...we're off to the corner to watch the sunset....Aloha


Chris said...

Oh, my Heavens, here you ARE, Cris !!

I'm so glad you have a new blog! It's purdy. I look forward to seeing new stuff and things from your fabulous artistic hands.

Hoping to get more Sedona stuff up on the blog, but v. busy lately for some reason. EEK.

Your pictures are very kewl.

Chris said...

Ready for more goodie pics! And when are you coming out here?